San Pedro Journey and Spiritual Trek to the Mystical Lands of the Q'eros Nation

DURATION :  7 days

DATE : Come and experience the incredibly powerful moonlight energy in the magical Andes. We are happy to organize this journey on the dates most convenient for you. Private tours can be organized on request (at a different price)

COST : starts at $ 990 ( minimum 5 people )



Immerge in the Andean Cosmovision, receive ancient Inca initiations, and deeply connect with Mother Earth

Join us on this special off-the beaten track journey and connect deeply with Pachamama, traverse powerful Inca sites and participate in rituals of the indigenous Q’ero community.

 We invite you to experience yourself as one continuous motion with the planet through the following activities:

  •  Immersion through the theoretical and ritualistic teachings of the Andean Cosmovision
  • A mind and heart opening San Pedro/Huachuma experience, led by a Quechua leader and his students at a sacred lake in the valley
  • Travelling back in time by visiting Inca ruins, exploring their history and their teachings and enjoying breathtaking views over Pisac and the Sacred Valley
  • Partaking in ancient ritualistic rites and initiations (Coca leaf reading, offering to Mother Earth, Hatun Karpay, Nusta Karpay). These will be lead by a Q’ero master in his village, surrounded by the Apus (mountain spirits) in the high Andes
  • Enjoying 3 days of breathtaking and challenging treks (for the most adventurous souls!) through the astonishing high Andes
  • Sharing space and traditional meals with the Q’ero master and his family in their humble, traditional stone house, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and illuminated by the power of the full moon

The Q’ero community is made up of five tiny villages, all comprised of humble stone houses in the Peruvian Andes. Collectively, the community is home to ca. 600 people and 6000 llamas and alpacas. They have remained mostly isolated for the last 500 years with limited contact with the Peruvian government and church. Their remoteness allowed them to preserve the ancient knowledge that they acquired directly from the Incas.

​The translation of Q’ero is “Sacred Glass”, and is a tool that is used formally in rituals. It signifies the acquisition of knowledge.

 The meeting of such an untouched indigenous community is a rare and inspirational experience. Ceremonies, along with daily life, are pure and far removed from anything we might know from our modern civilizations. It is a chance to perceive Pachamama through the eyes and hearts of the Q’ero, and to understand the ways in which they interact with each other and the Earth. Despite the harsh and basic conditions that they live in, sharing with the Q’ero people is heart-opening and enlightening.

 This journey gives you a unique opportunity to take part in the devotional practices of the Q’ero, which include devotion to Pachamama, as well as ancestral initiations. We will receive an introduction to ancient rites, such as the Hatun Karpay (Great Initiation) and the Nusta Karpay (Seven Goddesses Rites), which the Q’eros have practiced since the Inca Empire, and are still the only ones preserving these traditions.

 The Great Initiation (Hatun Karpay) takes place over two hour sessions that involve opening the heart (Munay), opening the third eye (Yanchay), and opening the energetic stomach (Llankay).

These initiation rites are like portals into awakening, quickening and amplifying the process of spiritual growth.

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  • Transportation from Cusco to comfortable hotel in Pisac
  • Introduction to the program and the Andean Cosmovision
  • Joint dinner at the hotel
  • Purification and energy cleansing ritual
  • Drive to Kinsacocha lake 
  • Offerings (despacho) to the Mountain Spirits (Apus) and Mother Earth (Pachamama), Ceremony of cleansing and energy protection
  • San Pedro/ Huachuma Ceremony & Medicine Music
  • Gentle hike in beautiful mountain scenery followed by delicious fruit picnic while the Huachuma medicine starts working 
  • Healthy grounding dinner and accommodation in a quechua community guesthouse at the lake
  • Morning meditation, healthy breakfast, and sharing circle
  • 45 minutes trek to the sacred Pisac ruins and guided tour (this activity will include an additional cost for the entrance tickets to the ruins) and return to Pisac
  • Joint lunch in Pisac
  • Free afternoon 
  • Joint dinner at the hotel
  • Drive to Okongate (3 hours drive) 
  • Lunch and visit of beautiful surroundings
  • Coca reading, despacho (offering to Pacha Mama) dinner and accomodation at Q’ero house
  • Breakfast
  • Drive to the high mountain village Anccasi for local meal (3 hours)
  • Trek (5/6 hours) to Q’ero village and offering to Mother Earth (Pachamamama)
  • Local Q´ero dinner and sleeping in tent under the stars
  • Energizing breakfast
  • Hike to a powerful mountain (2 hours) for the Introduction to the Great Initiation (Hatun Karpay)
  • Local Q´ero dinner
  • Seven Goddesses (Nusta Karpay) Ceremony
  • Sleeping in tent accompanied by the sounds of absolute silence
  • Local breakfast
  • Trek to the Q´ero village Cochamocco (2.5 hours) 
  • Drive to the town Paucartambo for lunch
  • Return to Pisac / Cusco
  • 1 San Pedro ceremony and hike to a beautiful lake in the Sacred Valley, guided by an experienced quechua healer and his local students
  • Guided tour of the powerful Inca ruins above Pisac 
  • Guided trek in breathtaking nature to remote Q’ero villages
  • 2 days of purification and sacred initiation ceremonies with a Q’ero Master in the high Andes
  • Coca reading
  • 6 nights accommodation, transportation and vegetarian meals (3 nights in guesthouses, 1 night at Quero home, 2 nights camping in the Andes)
  • Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pads)
  • Rental of horses for transportation of goods
  • Horse ride (for yourself or to transport your backpack) to the Q’ero community can be arranged at additional cost of 80 USD
  • Happy vibes and regular sharing circles​



We would be delighted to also organize your tour to Machu Picchu prior or subsequent to this journey.​

​For more information contact us.