" Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”
- Osho -

We believe that the world is in need of a colossal shift; one that connects the higher self to the physical world through compassion and unconditional love. We understand that the key to this change rests in the individual and his or her own personal healing. The true responsibility of each human being in this life is to open the heart and reconnect with the nature of being human. When you begin this personal journey, you do not only contribute to self-healing, but to a collective movement towards higher consciousness and unconditional love.

 Our approach to this journey is twofold; an inner journey through yoga and plant medicine as well as an outer journey through appreciation of Pachamama and the Apus (mountain spirits). The Q’ero communities guide us through the Andean Cosmovision so that we, too, can exemplify Munay.

 We understand that true knowledge is only experience, which is why we invite you to experience something outside of the constructs of your own culture and understanding.

We are seekers seeking seekers to share with us the love of travel into Pachamama (Mother Nature) with all its diversity and Oneness and into oneSelf with all it’s diversities. The beauty and magic of this planet inspires us, and we hope it inspires you to develop a strong readiness to receive and give love.

 Join us in exchanging knowledge and wisdom with indigenous cultures and connect with like-minded people. Join us in appreciating Pachamama, the people of Peru and the mysterious journey that is each and every one of us.

 We believe that there is a middle between modern Western culture and the wisdom of indigenous tribes. In fact, the balance of these seemingly opposing worlds creates the perfect conditions for life changing revelation. Together we can transform and create the kinder, more loving world that our hearts know is possible.