Our journeys and retreats focus on two Sacred Plant Medicines: Ayahuasca and San Pedro/ Huachuma. They are very different in how they manifest, but complementary due the balance of inward and outward expression. Ayahuasca is “feminine” and focused on quiet introspection and San Pedro is “masculine” and more outward and celebratory. 

As opposed to Ayahuasca that is rather private and introspective, the work we do with San Pedro is one of celebration and gratitude. San Pedro is a cactus with powerful visionary qualities that like Ayahuasca, has been used for millennia in the Peruvian Shamanic tradition. Ayahuasca is the plant teacher of the Amazon, while San Pedro is the plant teacher of the Andes Mountains. Ayahuasca is considered the feminine plant teacher of the jungle, offering healing and knowledge of oneself. San Pedro is considered the masculine plant teacher of the Andes mountains, expansive and macro-cosmic. Ayahuasca plant medicine has DMT in its makeup, or the God Molecule, as some people call it, while the active ingredient in San Pedro is mezcaline.

As with all plant teachers / plant medicine families, each has a slightly different effects and feel. One plant teacher is never the same as another plant teacher, and each of them has something to teach us. Ayahuasca plant medicine is a very different healing experience than San Pedro.

During our retreats we also offer optional Kambo ceremonies.  Kambo (sapo) is the venomous secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor (the giant leaf or monkey frog), a bright green tree frog native to the Amazon basin. The Kambo therapy uses the venom released by this frog which has been found to contain many bioactive peptides providing deep healing for people with various conditions.

Kambo has been used for thousands of years by native tribes in the Amazon, as a way to boost their immune system and to help sharpen their senses for hunting. They have been also using it to treat physical maladies and “Panema” which translates to “bad luck”.

It is recommended to receive at least 3 sessions of Kambo in one moon cycle (28 days) to experience the deeper spiritual effects of Kambo, as well as the full cleansing and immunization benefits touted by the tribes who are keepers of this medicine.

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