“Everyone on Earth is here to participate in and contribute to the mass awakening of humanity”
– Barbara Manciniak -

We offer different experiences that meet the needs and desires or a variety of open-minded people, in particular spiritual truth seekers, adventurists, and those willing to embark on alternative healing practices. All of our journeys are designed in such a way that you can immerse yourself into your journey.

Here are some of the activities you can expect to participate in:


During our healing retreats, we encourage you to participate in daily hatha yoga practice. It is gentle and meditative, so there is no need to have practiced yoga for a long time. This practice prepares the body for the changes that are about to take place, encourages your inner (and outer) flexibility, opens your energy centres (chakras) and gives you the opportunity to create a space of relaxation inside yourself.


The Andean Cosmovision, Ancient Wisdom and the Q’ero People

You will have the opportunity to tap into the Andean Cosmovision through teachings and practices you may have never encountered in your life. The practice of ritualistic appreciation for Pachamama (Mother Earth) is designed to root you in planet Earth, grounding you as you connect with the stars. Many Westerners have lost touch with nature and meaning in life, along with their peace of mind, wellness, and true purpose as souls. The Q’ero Inca Shamans we work with or visit help to teach us how to live in balance and give back to Mother Nature in reciprocity (ayni) and with each other. We will participate in traditional Coca Leaf Readings and ancient initiations such as the Nusta Karpay (Seven Goddess Initiation) and Hatun Karpay (The Great Initiation). These traditional ceremonies and rites derive from the ancient Incas and are still important aspects of the contemporary lives of the Q’ero people. These initiations are the invitation to your journey, initiating you with higher power to explore, to reconnect, to expand, and to grow.

Powerful Sacred Sites

The Sacred Valley of Peru is one of the most powerful energetic places on this planet. Machu Picchu and the surrounding areas are energetic portals that, for ages, have attracted seekers just like you. Visiting these sites is an opportunity to connect with the mystical Inca times and experience some of the continuous enchantment that surrounds this part of the world.

Sacred Medicine

This is your chance to experience the transformative healing power of plants such as San Pedro (Huachuma), Ayahuasca and Kambo. We provide you with the opportunity to deeply connect with these effective shamanic healing practices in a way that is completely foreign to the Western understanding of medicine. These plants are medicine for the mind, body, spirit and heart, connecting all the elements of oneself to the planet and the universe.

​Health and Wellbeing

Ultimately, all that we offer is for the purpose of health and wellbeing. What we finally hope to give you is that renewed sense of Self, love, compassion, purpose, and physical, emotional and mental health to continue walking the path. Healthy food, Sacred medicine, yoga, commUnity and cultural wisdom all come together in our packages to encourage the sense of health, wellbeing and connection that we work towards.