DURATION :  1 days

DATE : We can organize te journey at the times that are most convenient for you. 

COST :  $130(min 3 people) – $100(groups)

If you are traveling alone and you still wish to experience San Pedro we can organize a private ceremony for you in the town of Pisac – for a cost of $ 180 

Tell us your preferred dates and we will do our best to accommodate your needs 1


Embark with us on a powerful journey of self-discovery and transformation around the magical lake of Kinsa Cocha, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We will be guided by a widely recognized quechua curandero, Don Hernan, and his students, who will connect us to the spirit world through his ancient wisdom and family traditions.

During the San Pedro journey we will also have a gentle hike through the stunning Peruvian Andes and a delicious fruit picnic.

Throughout the ceremony you are very welcome to follow your heart –whether it calls for sharing your experiences, for silently contemplating on your insights, for playing music, or for using your enhanced creativity for drawing or noting down your thoughts and feelings.

After the ceremony we will be having a light dinner at a local quechua home and return to Pisac

  • Departure at 8 am from Pisac (45 minutes drive from Cusco)
  • Preparation and introduction to the Ceremony 
  • Offerings (despacho) to Mother Earth (Pachamama)
  • Ceremony of cleansing and energy protection
  • San Pedro/ Huachuma ceremony & medicine music
  • Gentle hike and delicious fruit picnic 
  • Dinner at local home and transportation back to Pisac
  • San Pedro Ceremony, offerings, food (snacks, dinner), transportation to and from Pisac (45 minutes drive from Cusco).
  • On request we can arrange one night 
  • accommodation the day before the  ceremony in Pisac
  • We can also arrange transportation in taxi 
  • from/to Cusco (additional cost of 70 soles each way).
  • Alternatively you can take a colectivo (public minvan) from Cusco to Pisac (4 soles)


*can be arranged