“A mystic is one who has dropped all dreams, who has thrown away this mirror of the mind and looks directly into life (...) Then in a single moment he sees all eternity, and in a single atom he can see the whole reflected."

We welcome you to Moonay Mystical Journeys – personal journeys towards the true self, encompassing love, healing and transformation. Our mission is to guide you on the journey towards yourself via the Andean Cosmovision and sacred plant medicines. Through your continued closeness with yourself, you may experience a deeper closeness with the world around you.

The word “moonay” comes from the Quechan expression, “munay”, denoting the highest expression of unconditional love. It also expresses the feminine energy of the moon. Munay describes the purest form of love, in its unconditional and completely uncontaminated form. It is the highest order which is at the very core of every single personal journey.

Embodying Munay and the heart is our highest value. It is how we aim to pursue life and to support your personal evolution. We fully embrace the divine feminine in our activities, inviting men and women to heal through the feminine aspect of the divine. We invite you to restore the balance between yourself and all of creation.