Immerse yourself in ancient Andean culture and rituals and experience a magical journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation in the Sacred Valley of Peru

DATE : We can organize te journey at the times that are most convenient for you. 

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*minimum 4 people

  • We run this retreat for groups throughout the year. 
  • We also organize customized shamanic retreats for solo travelers, friends and couples that want to experience the shamanic journey with plant medicine, have a daily yoga practice and combine this journey with visits to archeological sites in the Valley. Contact us for more information and to build the perfect shamanic journey for you. 
  • ​​Andean Mysticism and yoga retreat incl. of Ayahuasca ceremony and integration session: (9 days, 8 nights): contact us for more information
  • Kambo sessions (1-3) are available during the retreat
  • 1 day trip to Machu Picchu can be organized before or after the retreat

The objective of this journey is, as with all of our other journeys, the experience of Munay (unconditional love). Experiencing inner peace, profoundly connecting with Pachamama, your Self and all creation as ONE and getting inspired to actively participate in the harmonization of our planet is what we hope you can achieve during this journey. Indigenous wisdom, shamanic healing, daily yoga and a nourishing natural setting come together perfectly to create this experience.

The guiding principle for our work at Moonay Mystical Journeys is unconditional LOVE – and not just the realization of it, but the complete embodiment. We embrace the divine feminine of the moon in Moon-ay, counterbalancing the qualities of fear, oppression and greed that are currently prevalent in modern society. Our collective destiny hangs in the balance, and it is time for change.

 Explore, connect and transform through the following aspects of this journey:

You will have the opportunity to tap into the Andean Cosmovision through teachings and practices you may have never encountered in your life. The practice of ritualistic appreciation for Pachamama (Mother Earth) is designed to root you in planet Earth, grounding you as you connect with the stars.  The Q’ero Inca Shamans we work with during this retreat help to inspire us how to live in balance and give back to Mother Nature in reciprocity (ayni) and with each other. We will participate in a traditional Coca Leaf Reading and experience aspects of the Hatun Karpay (The Great Initiation), facilitating the opening of the three centres of your being towards harmonic action (llank’ay), unconditional love (munay) and transcendental wisdom (yachay).  These traditional ceremonies and rites derive from the ancient Incas and are still important aspects of the contemporary lives of the Q’ero people. These initiations are the invitation to your journey, initiating you with higher power to explore, to reconnect, to expand, and to grow.

Our retreat includes two ceremonies using the sacred and ancient plant medicine San Pedro (in Quechua: Huachuma). The first will be facilitated by a traditional medicine man, Don Hernan, and his alumni, and takes place next to a mystical lake, surrounded by the epic mountains of the valley. Friendly alpacas and majestic condors live in the environment that surrounds this site. Through this experience, we invite you to open your heart and to connect deeply with Pachamama, our planet Earth.


The second San Pedro ceremony will take place in our quiet and peaceful retreat space. It is an opportunity to engage more introspectively.

You will be guided to energetically charged locations in the Sacred Valley, including Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Chinchero, and Maras. Explore and experience the magic of this place, and chime into the mysterious history. These places are considered to be among the most powerful epicenters in the world, are shrouded in mystery and wisdom, and have been sacred places of pilgrimage for many over the ages.

 If you wish to include an optional visit to Machu Picchu before or after the retreat, please contact us and we will help you arrange this.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in our Temazcal ceremony, otherwise known as the sweat lodge ceremony. This ritual is for the purpose of purification, renunciation of negative energies, and celebration of the new life that will follow this retreat. You will feel like a newborn baby, exiting the womb of your mother.

 Experiencing the profound vibrations of music and kirtan with heart opening pure cacao will further support your soul and energetic body in the integration and healing process.

During our healing retreats, we encourage you to participate in daily hatha yoga and meditation practice. It is gentle, so there is no need to have practiced yoga for a long time previously. This practice prepares the body for the changes that are about to take place, encourages your inner (and outer) flexibility, opens your energy centres (chakras) and channels (nadis) and gives you the opportunity to create a space of relaxation inside yourself.

While our retreat in the Sacred Valley focuses mainly around the use of local Andean medicine and practices, there will be the opportunity to experience Amazonian medicine if you choose to. These include:

  •  Ayahuasca: The ceremony for Ayahuasca will be conducted at the end of the main retreat, and will be followed by integration sessions.
  •  Kambo: There is the chance to participate in up to three Kambo sessions throughout the retreat, at an additional cost of $85 USD / session.


For additional information on the Andean Cosmovision and the sacred medicines we will be working with, please visit our information section or click on the following link :

  • Daily yoga (tantric hatha) and meditation
  • 2 San Pedro ceremonies and hike to a beautiful lake in the Sacred Valley, guided by an experienced quechua healer & his students
  • 1 day of purification and rituals with a Q’ero master
  • 1 Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony
  • 1 full day guided tour of  the most energetically powerful (Inca) sites in the Sacred Valley
  • 1 cacao and kirtan (singing mantras) ceremony
  • 8 nights accommodation, transportation and exquisite vegetarian meals 
  • Regular sharing circle and commUnity
  • Preparation for the Ayahuasca ceremony
  • 1 Ayahuasca session
  • Integrative counseling session

MACHU PICCHU: If you are interested in visiting Machu Picchu, we are happy to organize your guided tour to this magnificent Inca site prior or after the retreat (consider that you should add one more day)

Contact us for more information. 

  • Transportation to retreat centre (Depending on the availability will be in Pisac or Lamay) 
  • Welcome snacks
  • Introduction to the program and the Andean Cosmovision 
  • Purification rituals
  • Healthy vegan/ vegetarian dinner
  • Evening activity
  • Yoga 
  • Breakfast
  • Guided Tour of Mystical Sacred Valley Sites – Ollantaytambo, Maras, Moray & Salineras with joint lunch
  • Healthy vegan/ vegetarian dinner at retreat centre
  • Evening activity
  • Yoga
  • Drive to beautiful mountain lake (1 h) 
  • Offerings (despacho) to Pachamama (Mother Earth)
  • Cleansing and energy protection ceremony
  • San Pedro/ Huachuma Ceremony & Medicine Music
  • Gentle hike
  • Light vegan/ vegetarian dinner
  • Evening activity and accommodation in local quechua guesthouse
  • Meditation
  • Energising breakfast
  • Integrative sharing circle
  • Transportation to the town of Amaru
  • Trek (45 minutes) to the breathtaking Sacred Inca ruins above the beautiful town of Pisac for guided tour (the entrance ticket to the ruins is not included) 
  • Free afternoon in Pisac or lunch and resting at the retreat centre in Lamay
  • Vegan/ vegetarian dinner at the retreat centre
  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Despacho ceremony and coca readings facilitated by a Maestro from the Q’ero community
  • Vegan/ vegetarian lunch
  • Cacao ceremony and commUnity kirtan – opening our hearts and voices
  • Vegan/ vegetarian dinner
  • Yoga/ Meditation
  • San Pedro/ Huachuma ceremony at the retreat centre
  • Vegan/ vegetarian dinner 
  • Yoga
  • Light breakfast
  • Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)
  • Sharing circle of experience 
  • Vegan/ vegetarian dinner
  • Yoga
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Preparation for Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Light lunch
  • Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Integrative sharing and counseling circle
  • Final closing ceremony and lunch
  • Return to Cusco/ airport